#9 Laravel Intellisense for VS Code, Docker for Craft CMS, and more

Welcome to the 9th Andy's Web Dev Tips newsletter! Here's a few things from this week:

A Laravel Intellisense plugin for Visual Studio Code

Released this week from @simoebenhida, the Laravel Intellisense plugin for VS Code is a beautiful complement if you’re using the editor as a lightweight IDE. It features things like autocompletion for eloquent models, config values, routes, and API resources, without needing a lot of additional resources from your device. I’d highly recommend checking it out, as either an addition to something like PHP Intelephense, or just on its own.

Using Docker for a local Craft CMS dev environment

This weekend I published a new video on YouTube showing how to create a local Docker dev environment for Craft CMS. After being introduced to it recently, I’ve really been enjoying working with the app (which is built off of the Yii PHP framework). Just like with my previous Laravel Docker videos, this one is aimed toward beginners or those mildly experienced in the Docker ecosystem. I go through and show you how to create a LEMP stack, install Craft CMS, and then use both Composer and Craft’s CLI command lines through a Docker container.

Building a dev.to clone with Nuxt

Nuxt is an insanely powerful app framework built from Vue. With features like automatic routing and server-side rendering, it’s a workhorse of a package that sports the welcoming and familiar syntax that we’re accustomed to. In this fairly brief tutorial, Sergey Bedritsky and Sebastien Chopin show you how to create a dev.to site clone using Nuxt. It’s a well-planned and nicely laid out tutorial that shows you multiple aspects of the framework.

Developing and deploying a progressive web app

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs), aren’t anything super new, but they’re a technology that has been in and out of the spotlight for a few years. Usually they’re marketed as an alternative to native mobile applications, but I choose think of them as an installable or lightweight web app that has a native wrapper around it. PWAs can be built with any modern JavaScript, framework or not, as long as you have a few select elements in place. This tutorial by K G Prajwal goes over building and deploying a production Progressive Web App, and it’s definitely worth the read!

That’s it for this week! If you have any questions about the above, or have something you’d like me to check out, please feel free to let me know on Twitter.