#7 PHP 8 features, deploying Laravel Docker apps, and more

Welcome to the 7th Andy's Web Dev Tips newsletter! Here's a few things from this week:

PHP 8 in 8 code blocks

PHP 8’s development is coming along smoothly and the initial release of it is expected around the end of 2020. With it are coming a few changes, and this article has outlined eight of the more outstanding ones. I’m personally excited for the addition of the Just-In-Time compiler (or JIT) which should speed things up considerably.

Easily deploy a Laravel application with Docker

Last week I launched a brand new video on YouTube, and it’s on a topic that I’ve been asked about for a while. Definitely geared toward being an introductory video, I go through the steps for setting up a Docker Compose network on a remote server and deploying out site files using two different methods. There will be more videos that expand on Docker in production environments coming later. If there’s something in particular you’d like to see, please let me know!

Storing state in React apps

I came across the image below from Cory House on Twitter, detailing various ways to store state in React apps depending on the context or your particular situation. I think it’s a succinct way of splitting up and thinking through a divisive area, and can definitely be applied to Vue or Angular apps as well.

Credit for the above goes to @housecor

Getting started with web accessibility

Accessibility on the web is something that often gets overlooked. As developers, our main focus tends to usually be performance and basic functionality of our websites and apps. We have an obligation though, to make sure that the format we’re presenting our finished products in is available equally to those who want to use them. This article that I stumbled across was written a couple of years ago, but it’s a great introduction into concepts like WCAG guidelines and ARIA landmarks.

That’s it for this week! If you have any questions about the above, or have something you’d like me to check out, please feel free to let me know on Twitter.